USAG & FloSports

… announced today they have entered a multi-year digital streaming partnership

Beginning with the 2021 season and running through 2025, USAG and FloSports will broadcast more than 35 events to audiences in North America and around the world.

This year kicks off with podium training and other elements that have historically not been broadcast at the highly anticipated 2021 Winter Cup, set for February 26-28, …

A list of major USAG events to be streamed on FloGymnastics can be found on the following link: FloGymnastics & USA Gymnastics Event Schedule …


I hope this works. But predict the contract will be broken before the 5 year term.

Many Gymnastics fans, including myself, don’t like the FLOGymnastics business model and recall too vividly past mistakes.

They’ve plagiarized content while at the same time shutting down YouTube channels.

I suspect coverage of Gymnastics sports other than WAG will be shoddy, yet cost the same.

The ONE THING FloSports could do to change my mind would be to offer pay-per-view pricing.

I’ll wait to hear reviews of their Winter Cup coverage.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “USAG & FloSports”

  1. Their coverage sometimes has no floor music too! I hope they can sort that out. What’s the point in watching gymnastics like that?


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