Kyle Shewfelt on Gym closures

In my city Kyle Shewfelt is a household name.

Olympic gold medallist Kyle Shewfelt frustrated with gym closure

‘I certainly feel that the province is definitely aiming the arrow at the wrong target’

… can’t figure out why the Alberta government ordered his gym — and other indoor group fitness businesses — to shut down for two weeks. …

We have not had a single known COVID-19 exposure and we have been working relentlessly to meet guidelines,” he wrote. …

He’s spent thousands of dollars making his facility more safe for the kids and their parents, with spacing decals, PPE and sanitation. …

… Shewfelt’s biggest fear. That the curve will not flatten and his two-week closure will stretch on for weeks on end.

Calgary Herald

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “Kyle Shewfelt on Gym closures”

  1. We too have been shut down again but it is “only” a 2 week “freeze”. Our governor is aiming the arrow at your sports, indoor and outdoor in Oregon. Not sure how many clubs will survive after the first 4 month (2 week supposedly) closure. Athletes are suffering from depression and other negative effects. We just got back up to speed and here we are closed again. The thousands we have spent, the effort to make the gym safe for all could be all for nothing.


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