Zip Zap Circus, South Africa

Here’s an inspiring story about a terrific circus troupe from South Africa.

Phelelani Ndakrokra prefers not to talk about his past. But what the 23-year-old acrobat will say is that if he hadn’t joined the circus ten years ago, he’d probably either be dead or in prison by now. …

Today, Zip Zap receives funding from various donors, but receives around 40% of its revenue from ticket sales at its shows. (The loss of ticket revenue has been a blow, but a portion of the shortfall has been covered by ticket sales for online screenings of past shows.)

It has toured the world many times and entertained everyone from Mandela to Roger Federer. In 2016 they even performed for Barack Obama at the White House. Some of its performers have even gone on to world-famous circuses like the Cirque du Soleil. …

Phelelani Ndakrokra completes an aerial act at a Zip Zap circus show in Cape Town, South Africa.

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