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Stacy Finnerty:

We know that COVID-19 has put many gyms in a difficult position of debating staying open or closing with the ultimate goal of keeping your athletes and their families safe.

Our immediate plan for helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our industry is to provide owners, coaches, parents, and anyone else who may be involved with the best ways to prevent the virus.

Keeping a clean and disinfected environment can greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections. …

  1. Vinyl Covered Matting and Air Products– … recommended to be cleaned with soap and warm water. Follow the steps below to properly clean your mats, air products, and any other vinyl-covered foam piece of Tumbl Trak Equipment.
    • In a bucket or bin; mix warm water and soap.
    • Scrub the affected area (vinyl Tumbl Trak product) very thoroughly.
    • Rinse the soapy surface or wipe with a wet cloth
    • Dry the surface with a dry cloth.
    • Let sit until completely dry.
    • Click the following link to use a SAFE bleach solution for additional disinfectant: CLICK HERE .
      • If you are using a bleach solution, please test in a small area before cleaning the entire product.
  2. Tumbl Traks – All Tumbl Trak Beds (except the Transition Bed) are to be cleaned with soap and water using a mop.
    • In a bucket or bin; mix warm water and soap.
    • Using a mop, scrub the top of the Tumbl Trak with the soap and water mixture.
    • If you are able to, absorb as much water as possible after you’re finished scrubbing.
    • Let the bed completely dry before use.
  3. Denim Covers like Pit Pillows- We designed these products so that you can take the cover off and put them in the washer.
    • Take the cover off of the foam
    • Put it in the wash with regular detergent (keep in mind that any Bleach solution will discolor the denim)
    • Either air dry, or put it in your dryer on the delicate cycle

Click the following link provided by the CDC to see ways that you can personally prevent the spread of COVID-19: CLICK HERE

Click the following link provided by the CDC to see environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations for COVID-19: CLICK HERE

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