fun interview with Nikita Nagornyy

Q: And how did you manage to win gold, the first one in the history of Russian men’s team?

A: All the guys were just ready to win. All were thinking about the first place. There was no uncertainty. …

Q: The Tokyo Olympics are in less than a year. But Russia might be banned from the Games. Are you following the news?

A: I actually had no idea about it. I’ve only learned about it all 10 minutes before I came here. What can I say? I went through this once already – before Rio, when we were flying to Brazil not knowing whether we would compete. …

Q: I saw you doing a parachute jump. Was that your childhood dream?

A: Rather my wife’s dream. I don’t think I’d dare to do it without her. But I proposed to her this way. …



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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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