Sam and Jessica Pezsek

Luan Peszek points out that Olympian Sam did two seasons of Level 4 AND two seasons of Level 5.

Jessica did one season of Level 4 and two seasons of Level 5.

Jessie Pezsek finished a great career finishing at Western Michigan University.

At the time, I was frustrated they were not “staying with the group” and moving up to the next level. However, what I learned after looking back on the situation, is repeating a level was the best thing that could have happened to each of them.

They developed confidence, got a taste of success and mastered the basics. They were able to quickly progress through the levels after …

Moving up the levels

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4 thoughts on “Sam and Jessica Pezsek”

  1. This is so interesting. Our daughter recently hit her head off the beam while preparing for her National TOPS test, resulting in a concussion. Unfortunately, this head injury also led to a mental block prohibiting her from completing the beam acro portion of her test, resulting in her missing the cut for the A/B team. She was obviously very disappointed and is working through her mental block, but thank you for sharing how Samantha was able to fight through this adversity and achieve the ultimate success. Ava has attended Samantha’s Beam Queen camp and will definitely be inspired and motivated by this post.


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