4 thoughts on “Trampolinist Tamara O’Brien has died”

  1. I have come to know Tamara only after her death, but I feel like I know her already. I am saddened (heartbroken) by the fact that I will never get to meet her in this life, but I am confident that I will meet her in the next. I have been binding-watching Tamara’s YouTube channel and reading her blog posts religiously. Her voice can be heard/seen through the computer screen. It is as clear as day, and it touches me very deeply every time. Likewise, I read every article I come across on the internet that speaks about this courageous young woman. This world has lost yet another beautiful soul to cancer – a multi-medal winning Canadian athlete to boot – and it is so frightfully unfair. I feel angry by the loss but also blessed in some strange way because I have come to know Tamara posthumously because of her brave journey. She was vocal about her struggle and her journey through cancer, and because of that, she will forever live in our hearts. One can not erase the digital footprint she leaves behind… and what a footprint it is! I miss you, Tamara, we all do, and I am so glad that I am just getting to know you. You will forever be in my heart – ALWAYS. Rest peacefully, beautiful angel. You have become my new inspiration in life, along with my other inspiration in life, Anne Frank. Watch over us, Tamara, and once in a while, if you can, please give us a sign.

    Love Always,

    ~ Sandra ~


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