Summing up Men’s World PRELIMS

The QUALIFYING competition is the most interesting, most entertaining day.

Here’s where the majority of Olympic qualifiers are named.

Personally I enjoy watching the small nations trying to compete against China. It’s like me challenging one of the Toronto Raptors to one-on-one. Entertaining.

We have strong medal contenders from TPE, Ireland, Philippines and Croatia this year, for example.

As is often the case, the Men’s competition was wild and unpredictable from start to finish.

  • In the 8th and final session, both Netherlands and Switzerland knew what they needed. Both started with a strong first apparatus. Switzerland got it done. Netherlands did not.

1. Russia
2. China
3. Japan
4. Ukraine
5. GBR
6. Switzerland
7. USA
8. Chinese Taipei TPE Taiwan
9. Korea
10. Brazil
11. Spain
12. Germany

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

There were at least 20 teams who could have finished top 12 by hitting their best routines. Turkey has defeated teams on that list recently, for example. Australia is low on the list, but really impressed. Norway was one of my favourite squads. The depth of men’s Gymnastics worldwide is amazing.

  • Great Britain were GREAT. Even without Nile Wilson who was out with injury.
  • Ukraine is back as a contender for a team medal. I’m still pissed that they were ripped off at the London Olympics. Go for it, Oleg!
  • Proposed NEW deduction? Wearing white socks with coloured pants. Normally a bad idea.
  • Max Whitlock hit and stuck 3/3 routines. And is leading Pommels into the Final.
  • James Bacueti from Australia added half a twist to the hardest Kasamatsu vaults competed by anyone else.
  • There were several triple backs from H Bar and Rings. Fans love them. Don’t do that. It’s tough to land consistently. And they are undervalued in the Code.
  • USA / Sam Makulak had a bad qualifying round. Surprising as they have been so consistent in the lead-up to Worlds. Sam was lucky to even qualify to the AA Final.
  • Ri Se Gwang (PRK) is the Olympic Vault Champ. Didn’t qualify. Nor did Zou Jingyuan (CHN) on P Bars nor Epke on H Bar.
  • Judging was better than WAG. Rings in particular seemed low, but consistent. The only complaints I heard were E-score on Floor — the clean twisters gained no advantage over helicopter legs competitors.

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