day 2 MAG podium training

I’ll be commenting LIVE via Twitter @GymCoaching.

More LIVE coverage:

I found day 2 of the men’s competition even more exciting than day 1.

  • 90% of the (expensive) tickets sold — expect 100,000 spectators
  • China looks great. They’ll likely have a big lead over Russia and the rest on Pommels and P Bars.
  • the new look Japan is an exciting young team. We’re all trying to learn about their new superstars. Wataru Tanigawa landed short on a piked Dragulescu but may still try to compete some apparatus.
  • I was worried for GBR without Nile Wilson. But they looked quite good. Max hit Pommels and again looks a strong medal contender.
  • Yang Hak Seon is here, healthy and looks likely to land his Handspring Front Layout 3/1 twist
  • Oleg is here too. And looks relatively healthy. Could contend in the AA.
  • Simone is unbelievable. But I’d rank Zou Jingyuan’s P Bars (VIDEO) the greatest routine in the history of the sport MAG & WAG. Highest D-score. Highest E-score. In fact it looks like he’s upped his difficulty for this meet.
  • USA should contend for a medal. They’ve been super consistent in the weeks leading up to this meet. Sam should medal in the AA if there are Gods in Gymnastics Heaven.
  • The highlight of the day, for me, was Carlos Yulo from Philippines. He’s only 19-years-old. Wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt (is that allowed?) he showed the most impressive tumbling of the day. Vault is crazy good too.
Carlos Bronze on Floor Worlds 2018

Here’s the FIG write-up on the day – Men’s podium training ends on eve of Stuttgart Worlds

Shout out for Team Canada. This might be their best squad since the great Kyle Shewfelt teams. René Cournoyer and Cory Patterson will be doing the AA.

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