day 2 WAG podium training

I’ll be commenting LIVE via Twitter @GymCoaching.

More LIVE coverage:

First — let me say how blessed we are to be seeing these dominant Simone Biles American teams. It reminds me of the dominance of the great Soviet teams back in the late 1980s.

All hail the greatest of all time.

  • the Simone Biles Press Conference was fun and relaxed.

Simone is motivated by getting two more skills named.
  • Everyone enjoyed watching (finally) the young Italian superstars at a Senior meet. Four of the 6 are age-16. Giorgia Villa looks fantastic — but says she is nervous. First time at Senior Worlds. Certainly Italy could finish 3rd with a HIT qualification meet. They could finish top 3 on Vault!
  • Upstart Italy and veteran France will be close in team total, I predict. France was 5th in 2018 but has a podium team goal for 2019.
  • Spencer is worried about Japan qualifying to Tokyo as a team. That would be a disaster for the host nation.
  • Everybody loves Netherlands. Smart routines. Great coaching. And such Artistry.  Sanne is as keen as ever. Her goal is to help qualify a full team of 4 to Tokyo. MUCH improved vault for NED! And has Lieke ever looked better?
  • Spain looks great. Watch for their Floor. Roxana Popa is back. And Cintia Rodriguez‘ toe point, of course.
  • For me the most surprising and exciting team on the rise is Argentina. Very well prepared. Guatemala showed some world class Gymnastics, as well.
  • Russia is often underwhelming in podium training. Then hits when it counts. They looked better than I expected today. Tim Daggett feels they can still finish top 3 in team even without Aliya. Melnikova looks superb.
  • Steingruber is back from injury. A big fan favourite here.
  • You can hand the gold team medal to USA now. It’s an honour for a gymnast to be in the same competition with any Simone Biles’ team.


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