allowing athletes to speak freely


”You had one job. You literally had one job and you couldn’t protect us and it is just really sad because now every time I go to the doctor or training, I get worked on. I don’t want to get worked on, but my body hurts, I’m 22 and at the end of the day that’s my fifth rotation and I have to go to therapy.”

Olympic Channel

Regarding Biles’ comments, Leung said, “Our organization historically has silenced our gymnasts, and I am 100 percent supportive of giving our athletes a voice. (They) should be able to say what they feel and be comfortable doing so.

USA Gymnastics president says athletes should feel free to speak up

I agree with Li Li Leung.

But how far does freedom to speak extend?

Can Simone kneel on the podium?

From what Li Li has said, I’d say it would be allowed.

Imboden will likely be sanctioned. The USOPC prohibits athletes from making political, religious or racial demonstrations during events on the Olympic circuit.

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3 thoughts on “allowing athletes to speak freely”

  1. If they do sanction him, I hope he appeals because even if that’s the USOPC’s official policy, they never, ever sanction athletes who make overtly religious statements, or actions on the medal stand or during competitions. As they shouldn’t. The USOPC doesn’t own their athletes. They can’t control their thoughts and actions. If what they are doing isn’t physically unsafe to other competitors, grossly obscene, or a violation of Olympic rules, the USOPC should have no say in the speech of athletes, period. The athlete themself may suffer consequences for whatever speech they elect, but they should have every right to do it.


  2. If he’s kneeling, then no, he’s not “honored” to represent the US. End of story. He should be sanctioned. He should try living in another country and when he returns he’ll see that the US is the most benevolent country in the world, bar none. How about protesting the treatment of immigrants and racism in other countries? How about protesting the treatment of women and LBGTQ people in other countries and regions? He conveniently ignores this. This is an attempt to get attention, nothing more. It’s sad when athletes feel the need to mix politics and sports and bring their virtue signaling to an event that should unite everyone.


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