Jr Worlds finals – day 1

1. Kayla DiCello USA 14.166
2. Jennifer Gadirova GBR 14.133
3. Vladislava Urazova RUS 14.116

Click PLAY or watch Jennifer on Twitter.

1. Vladislava Urazaova RUS 14.433
2. Viktoria Listunova RUS 14.200
3. Wei Xiaoyuan CHN 13.800

People were generally unimpressed with Bars judging in this final.

Click PLAY or watch Viktoria on Twitter.

Junior men are judged out of 8 skills, not 10 as done in Senior. Therefore scores are lower than Senior.

1. Ryu Sung-hyun KOR 14.166
2. Felix Dolci CAN 14.000
3. Nazar Chepurnyi UKR 13.866

27 – 30 June, 2019

1. Takeru Kitazono JPN 13.966
2. Shinnosuke Oka JPN 13.766
3. Edvins Rodevics LAT 13.233

1. Felix Dolci CAN 13.600
2. Diogo Soares BRA 13.500
3. Yang Haonan CHN 13.475

Full results.

Unlike the Team / AA day, Olympic Channel did broadcast apparatus finals. Watch day 1 online.

Read the FIG summary post.

Or skip the serious report and click over to Spencer’s take:

I mostly just want to talk about Shinnosuke Oka, who is a cool 16 inches tall and the future king of earth.

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