Rosalie Fish runs for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Washington State.

Rosalie Fish was the most recognizable athlete at the small-school state track and field meet last weekend.

The five trips to the awards podium to receive three gold medals, a silver and a sportsmanship award helped.

But as the Muckleshoot Tribal School student circled the track 18 times over three days, she stood out for the bright red paint over her mouth and the letters MMIW on her right leg.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. …

I admire this young athlete and support her right to use sport to bring attention to a cause she is passionate about.

Other athletes can’t claim they were distracted.

I like this better than kneeling for the National Anthem to protest Police Brutality. That protest was too easily misrepresented.

‘When I run about it, people will notice’: Rosalie Fish runs for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

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