another interesting Nagornyy interview

Many athletes sound scripted. Not Nikita.

He’s got BIG goals.

Let’s take Alexey Nemov, everyone knew him!

He was one of the most famous athletes in the country. Remember the Athens Olympics – the whole world was cheering for him, he got fame even from failures. That video was filmed when Russian gymnastics was in a bit of a hole, there were no big victories.

When Artur Dalaloyan became the World all-around champion, the attention came right away. He was a guest on Night Urgant, people started to recognize him on the streets, he started getting invited everywhere. Artur told me how it was completely unexpected for him.

… we need to work harder and win – and everything will happen for us.

Regarding the coverage of gymnastics, yes, there are issues with it. Although, after Emin Garibov started working [as the head of marketing in the federation], things started getting better. He tries to change the current situation, to help us. For example, we’ve never had such high-quality streams of the Russian Championships like we did this year in Penza. It was televised at the same level of quality as the European Championships. Everyone was happy. I even watched my routines after the competition, my parents watched it. We’re developing. The important thing is to keep going. …


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