MIT Gymnastics Facility at Risk of Imminent Closure

Here’s the worst case scenario headline:

DAPER Shuts Down Gymnastics Gym

Nate Sharpe:

I ask that supporters of Gymnastics share this message as widely as possible:

MIT Gymnastics Facility at Risk of Imminent Closure

All of the users of MIT’s gymnastics facility (which includes the MIT Gymnastics Club, Boston University Gymnastics Club, Simmons Gymnastics Club, and the Cambridge Community Gymnastics adult and rec teams) were told late last week that barring a significant change in plans, their equipment would be liquidated and the facility would be converted into a new varsity weight training facility starting on June 30th.

current facility

With the closest gyms with full sets of equipment up to 1 hour away during our practice time (rush hour), never mind the unlikeliness of finding a club gym willing to allow a college club team into their gym during peak hours, the added time and cost to our team almost certainly will mean the death of our club. The affected teams are looking for help in any way.

We have an online spreadsheet summarizing arguments for keeping the Gym as it is now. For example, how varsity athletes in other sports could utilize our unique training facilities to improve performance and reduce injury.

Alternatively, anyone in the Cambridge/Boston area who might be seriously interested in starting a new gym should know that the administration has stated that they will donate the entire set of Olympic equipment (all WAG/MAG apparatus, including Tumbl Trak, Eurobed trampoline, etc.) to any facility that would guarantee free use from 5-7 M-F for at least 3-5 years for the MIT team.

This would be a great way to help get a new club up and running, and there is literally no other club in this densely populated area, so demand should not be an issue.

If you can help with any of the above or in any other way, please reach out to gymnastics-savethegym (a) 

current facility



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