49 compete both MAG & WAG at NAIGC

Guest post by Nate Sharp:


The “Gymnastics Decathlon” (competing all the MAG events and all the WAG events in a single competition) was added as an event for the first time at NAIGC Nationals three years ago.


This year at NAIGC Nationals (1498 total competitors at the meet, age 17-61!) we had our biggest year yet, with 49 athletes from 25 different teams competing across the two Decathlon levels (Upper – MAG Modified NCAA and WAG Level 9, Lower – MAG Developmental and WAG Level 8).
30 of the gymnasts chose the MAG events as their “primary discipline” (meaning they could qualify to finals in those events).


The competition has been growing steadily over the last few years since its inception, and I think the addition of the lower level really helped get more people interested (30 of the 49 were in the lower level).
The winners in the Decathlon Lower Level were:
  1. Sydney Callahan – NAIGC Alumni – 235.000
  2. Kate Foster – UNC – 229.150 (videos)
  3. Meghan McClure – UVM – 228.375 (video)
And for the Decathlon Upper Level:
  1. Julia Sharpe – MIT – 252.925 (video)
  2. Mason Marek – NAIGC Alumni – 239.275
  3. Ryan Burgess – UCSD – 233.800 (video of WAG FX)
Some other videos:
Nate Sharpe (myself) – MIT (video)
Andre Holmes – NAIGC Alumni (videos)
(Scoring is 5*WAG AA + MAG AA, lots of thought went into the formula, but it’s trying to balance the two different scoring systems (WAG is JO, MAG is FIG open scoring) as well as the coed competition so that male and female athletes of similar level in their “native” events, training the decathlon for a similar time should score similarly.


With enough people, we’ll probably now start splitting the results by gender and the formula may change.)

Click PLAY or watch Kate Foster on Instagram. She competed 10 apparatus over 9 hours. Vault twice! With a prosthetic leg.

Editor’s note: At Altadore Gym Club for many years we held an annual ‘Reversal Meet‘ where our guys competed up to 4 WAG apparatus, the girls any 4 of the MAG apparatus. As I recall, the girls won every year! 😀

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