top Men’s internationals scores 2019

1 Nikita Nagornyy Russia 36.3
2 Artur Dalaloyan Russia 35.8
3 Kazuma Kaya Japan 35.3
4 Kenta Chiba Japan 35.1
5 Wataru Tanigawa Japan 35.0
6 James Hall Great Britain 34.8
7 Sam Mikulak USA 34.6
7 Akash Modi USA 34.6

1 Nikita Nagornyy Russia 88.665
2 Artur Dalaloyan Russia 87.930
3 Sam Mikulak USA 86.599
4 Yul Moldauer USA 85.932
5 Wataru Tanigawa Japan 85.665
6 Ahmet Onder Turkey 85.600
7 Sun Wei China 84.730

MAGnastics – full results

With both Kohei and Kenzo struggling in the AA right now, it’s looking like RUS v CHN for World Champions 2019.

Click PLAY or watch RUS highlights on Facebook.

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