U.K. interview with Simone

In advance of Simone’s appearance at the Superstars Of Gymnastics in London on 23 March, the Guardian newspaper posted an in-depth feature.

… At times, she seems younger than her years, a product of the almost religiously sheltered upbringing of the professional child athlete. At others, she sounds like a 45-year-old woman who should be running for political office. …

What has become apparent, in the last year, is Biles’ moral courage. As an athlete, she is talked of in the same breath as Serena Williams …

Like most professional athletes, she is incredibly hard on herself and competes less with others than with her own internal set of ideals. …

“Even when I win, there are still times when I’m upset. Like at Worlds, last year. It doesn’t mean, because you win, you’ll be happy.” Why? “I fell twice. Yes, I still won. But I didn’t put out my best performance.”


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