Gymnix Sr Cup WAG results

1. Kara Eaker, USA, 55.298
2. Alyona Shchennikova, USA, 55.198
3. Sloane Blakely, USA, 54.032
4. Fien Enghels, BEL, 52.898
5. Azuki Kokufugata, JPN, 52.4
6. Aleah Finnegan, USA, 52.031
7. Emma Nedov, AUS, 52.099
8. Haley de Jong, CAN, 52.066

As only 2 / nation can receive awards, Sloane did not get the Bronze medal. It should have been Fien Enghels … but — for some reason — Azuki Kokufugata got the medal.

1. USA (Finnegan, Shchennikova, Eaker, Blakely), 165.261
2. Canada 2 (Spence, de Jong, Onyshko, Denommee), 155.196
3. Australia (Chipizubov, Nedov, Sayer, Brown), 154.963

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