some gymnasts who had TWINS

Gymnastics Cool Facts posted this cool fact:

Vera Cerna (TCH) – twin daughters named Kristina and Lucie

Aurelia Dobre (ROM) – twins sons Lucas and Marcus (b. 1999)

Yang Yun (CHN) and husband 2008 Olympic Champion Yang Wei – twin girls born January 2017

Dominique Dawes (USA) – twins named Lincoln and Dakota born January 2018

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22 yrs ago today, my team & I won Gold in Atlanta. I achieved my athletic goals as a kid, but now I am living a much desired and more fulfilling goal, as a wife and mother of four beautiful babies. Although I had practiced and trained for over 8,000 hours, I've never been more tired and worn out in my life, as I am being a mother! I wouldn't have it any other way!! You know, many people will ask me still to this day, if being in 3 Olympics, winning gold and making history in my sport is the greatest feat in my life. I can honestly say no! Being a stay at home mom and raising my 4 babies (4 years old and under), striving to have them be the best people they can be and making a positive influence on the world is the best feat I can imagine to this day. I'm wiped out, I'm exhausted, but being a mommy to these kids of mine, is better than gold! To all the moms out there that are sleep deprived, exhausted from breastfeeding/feeding nonstop and wanting to embrace every moment—WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! #momstrong #magnificent7 #momlife

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