2 thoughts on “Buster Keaton was amazing”

    1. Keaton is a genius both physically and the way he used the camera. His “falling house” from Steamboat Bill Jr. (at 0:15 of Larry’s compilation) was NOT faked….a “real” housefront, precisely measured, one take….if anything had gone wrong, Buster would have been killed…..most of the cuts from 0:42 to about 1:02 (Larry’s post) are not Keaton or Lloyd……I’ve seen most of Keaton’s work multiple times and the one from Cops at 1:40 still puzzles and astonishes me…..how did he manage to grab the rail on a moving car with one hand (even if he had a dowell grip!), get jerked completely sideways and not a. fall or b. dislocate his shoulder is beyond me


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