Men’s World’s wrap-up

It’s Artur Dalaloyan’s World and the rest of us are just living in it. Seriously. Artur dominated the 2018 World Championships in a way that no one has since Kohei Uchimura in 2013. (But with more medals, since there was no team competition in 2013). …

This is one of Russia’s strongest ever teams. …

Then there’s the other big story- tiebreaks.

Artur’s exciting AA victory came at the expense of defending champion Xiao Ruoteng, who had a great day of his own after a slightly bumpy start on floor, recovering well enough to place 2nd behind Artur by, well… 0.000. They exactly tied with 87.598 …

But this wasn’t the only gold medal determined by a tiebreak in Doha, and it wasn’t even the only one involving Ruoteng. He ended up on the other side of things when he won a tiebreak for the Pommel Horse title against Max Whitlock. …

So, what else happened to the Chinese team?

After qualifying in 2nd place behind Russia, they rallied in the team final and took the gold despite some errors- including a very last minute scare- reclaiming the title they last won in 2014. …

So of course we have to talk about Sam Mikulak …

MAGnastics – 2018 World Championships Summary

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