new interview with Brett McClure

Kensley Behel was at the final Worlds trial.

She sat down with the U.S. Men’s High Performance Director before his first Worlds.

Doha goals are clear:

1. To bring home a medal as a team.

2. To bring home as many individual medals as possible.

3. To go 18 for 18.

When asked about the strengths and weaknesses of the team, “Our obvious weaknesses include start value on parallel bars, and our start value and execution on high bar. When there are gymnasts like Zou Jingyuan who are scoring our start values, we’ve got to step it up.”

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Brett McClure and the Direction of the Men’s Program

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One thought on “new interview with Brett McClure”

  1. Allowing people who do/show nothing a pass onto the national team, while refusing a spot to someone who actually competed and showed where they were is the exact opposite of “accountability.”

    Brett blames Whittenburg’s coach for making a bad decision, yet just named him to be head coach of the world team. Is he the leader the US needs, or an incompetent giving his athletes terrible advice? He can’t be both.

    The idea that Brett had “no idea” what events Whittenburg would do at championships is laughable. If true, it means Brett is utterly incompetent at his job. It was widely reported publicly, not to mention that Brett lives in Colorado Springs, where he’s regularly at the training center.

    Watching out for, and encouraging, the USA’s top athletes is literally Brett’s job.


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