8 teams to Men’s European Final

1. Russia 259.427
2. Great Britain 252.496
3. Germany 246.094
4. Switzerland 245.092
5. Turkey 243.259
6. France 242.996
7. Spain 242.761
8. Italy 241.128

Missing out…

9. Netherlands 239.393

Full results. (Official PDF)

Though the LIVE scoring worked most of the day, it was still confusing. And wrong in a few cases.  Organizers were forced to use ATOS software, … a company that clearly does not understand the nuances of scoring Artistic Gymnastics. Their servers couldn’t keep up with demand either.

Russia bombed their first apparatus — Horizontal Bar — to finish 9th as a team. Then WON every other apparatus. It reminded me of the dominance of some of the great Soviet teams.

Host Great Britain was definitely the second best team. Fans cheered every step. They are beloved at home.


As predicted by MAGnastics, Germany was the next strongest team. Led by now 30-year-old Marcel NGUYEN, they impressed. My guess is Deutschland will be even better in the team final.

All the respect in the world for Switzerland. Despite being the most injury depleted squad, they pulled together many clean, elegant routines. Young Henji Mboyo is a superstar in the works. His potential reminds me of when I first saw Manrique.

Many were cheering Turkey to reach top 8. They deserved it. Congratulations to everyone there who has worked so long to make this happen.

France, Spain and Italy. Whew. Live to fight another day.

As is so often the case with MAG, today’s competition was a thriller. There are so many strong gymnasts from so many different nations, it’s difficult to track.

As is so often the case, the guys were far better than they showed in podium training. Performances were better than I expected, overall.  There were fewer injuries than I feared. Perhaps 3-up, 3-count results in less risk taking.

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