Russia – European Champions

1. Russia 165.195
2. France 161.131
3. Netherlands 159.563


4. Great Britain 157.263
5. Ukraine 152.129
6. Italy 151.496
7. Spain 150.063
8. Hungary 149.729

Great day. 12/12 RUS were very deserving of the win after having qualified in second position.

Angelina: “I’m so happy. I have no words! I want to thank all our coaches and all the people who support us.”

OK … who forgot to bring the Dutch flag? 🙂

Netherlands is thrilled. Only 2 years ago they didn’t qualify for top 8.

Italy has to be satisfied too after having qualified 9th. Congratulations.

Host GBR certainly could have, should have been on the team podium. They were top 3 on everything … aside from 8th on BEAM.

UEG – Russian women successfully defend their European team title

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One thought on “Russia – European Champions”

  1. when was the last time RU went 12/12 in international comp? I can’t even remember… that’s so great for them…. now if they could just do that with a little more difficulty, then they can give the US a run…


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