Italy wins Jr Europeans

1. Italy 161.063
2. Russia 160.363
3. GBR 158.931
4. ROU 154.862
5. FRA 154.729
6. BEL 154.231
7. GER 152.897
8. UKR 151.796

Full results.

Two fantastic teams fought it out for Gold. Two great performances.

By the numbers Russia was the favourite.

Russian Juniors Fighting for Ninth Consecutive Euros Team Title

Watching podium training I felt Italy looked more confident. Aggressive. Tough.

It was close coming down to Italy’s last apparatus. With 3 double twisting vaults, very well executed, Italy took the historic title.

I congratulated Italian Head Coach Enrico Casella. He was very happy. Looking forward to challenging for Tokyo 2020.

GBR thrilled the large, young home audience hitting 16/16 to take team Bronze. This meet was the big goal of their Junior program. Mission accomplished. 🙂

One huge highlight of the day was Romania’s 4th place finish. Nobody has much faith these days. The girls proved everyone wrong. Congratulations.

Antonia Duta missed a foot on Beam double back dismount, landing badly. Happily she is OK.

Denisa Golgota is as talented as any Junior in Europe. Keep her healthy and happy. Keep them all healthy and happy.

related – Bea Gheorghisor posted her feelings on the 12th place finish of the Romanian senior team, the first time they’ve ever not qualified to the 8 team final.

France did look fantastic too. Great potential. Well coached.

The junior competition itself was much better than I expected. Fewer falls than in podium training. The majority of these young women handled the pressure of the big stage.

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