Belgium withdraws from EUROs team final

Google Translate:

“… coaches, medical staff and team leader … has decided after mutual consultation … with the gymnasts not to participate in the team final which will be held on Saturday, August 4 …”

Worlds and Apparatus Finals are higher priorities. They have only 4 gymnasts, not 5. Sounds like putting 3 gymnasts up on Floor might be a medical risk.

Whatever the reasons, we have to respect the decision. I’m sure they’d love to compete team finals if it was safe.

Italy (9th) confirmed that they would compete. Their squad is also depleted after Sofia Busato suffered a probable ACL tear on — where else — Vault landing in competition. Head Coach Enrico Casella said he’d tell the team to have fun. And do their best.

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “Belgium withdraws from EUROs team final”

  1. “I’m sure they’d love to compete team finals if it was safe.”

    huh? so elite gymnastics now is so dangerous that actually competing is (at least on consecutive days) considered (by some) inherently “unsafe”?

    Rick, I get depth and saw that BEL’s goal was to “make” team finals, but this is a significant story that I hope you can do more investigative reporting…..

    unwillingness to compete (unless injured like poor Ms. Downie) strikes me as…..unfathomable (a code word for: insane)


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