Pac Rim Apparatus Finals

After a bad fall on Beam dismount in prelims, world Champ Morgan Hurd withdrew from Finals just to be safe.

1. Jordan Chiles USA 14.188
2. Grace McCallum USA 14.063
3. Sophie Marois CAN

JR Vault
1. Kayla Dicello USA 14.525
2. Sunisa Lee USA 14.375
3. Imogen Patterson CAN 13.875

1. Haley de Jong CAN 12.625
2. Martina Dominici ARG 12.600
3. Jimena Moreno MEX 12.375


JR Bars
1. Kayla Dicello USA 13.625
2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie CAN 13.225
3. Jordan Bowers USA 12.900

1. Talia Folino AUS 13.175
2. Martina Dominici ARG 12.500
3. Paulina Campos MEX 12.275

JR Beam
1. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie CAN 12.975
2. Sunisa Lee USA 12.850
3. Kate Sayer AUS 12,450


1. Jordan Chiles USA 13.650
2. Grace McCallum USA 13.600
3. Haley de Jong CAN 12.900

Click PLAY or watch Jordan on YouTube.

JR Floor
1. Jordan Bowers USA 13.725
2. Sunisa Lee USA 13.225
3. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie CAN 13.175 – Event Finals

Balance Beam Situation – EVENT FINALS LIVE BLOG

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One thought on “Pac Rim Apparatus Finals”

  1. If they were so worried about Morgan’s “safety” why did they let her compete floor in team finals just minutes after the fall? Definitely unneeded for a win and not at all looking out for the athlete’s best welfare. Seems the new team doctor is the same as the old team doctor in terms of allowing athletes to compete regardless of long term consequences, if the Powers that Be wanted them on the floor, one of the main reasons USAG kept Nassar around so long. New boss, same as the old boss.


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