coach education – digital or print?

Canada, over the past 5 years, moved all but their introductory coaching course from paper to digital: PDF, photos and video.

Digital is the future, whether we like it or not.

There are pros and cons of course.

There may be economic and environmental reasons to go paperless.

Researchers are studying differences between reading print and digital media:

… Students said they preferred and performed better when reading on screens. But their actual performance tended to suffer.

For example, from our review of research done since 1992, we found that students were able to better comprehend information in print for texts that were more than a page in length. This appears to be related to the disruptive effect that scrolling has on comprehension. …

A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens

In Canada the coach education content was much improved in the shift to digital. VIDEO improves comprehension over our former black & white photos.

Unfortunately the VIDEOS are locked behind a Gymnastics Canada paywall. The friction of remembering password and logging in results in far fewer views than we’d have if they were freely available online.

In 2018 most people value paper content over PDFs. They tend to put books on a shelf somewhere. Often misplace the PDF because of a poor digital filing system.


Coaches were more ACTIVE during a course when hands-on materials. It’s not nearly the same with a laptop or iPad.

I do think people will improve their digital learning skills over time. 

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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