talking to young gymnasts about touching

Explain spotting to kids. Take the time to show in slow motion exactly how and when they need to be spotted.

If they’d prefer NOT to be spotted, no problem. Do drills and conditioning alone instead.

CSG New Zealand

In a separate time & place, warn kids about anyone who’s behaviour seems creepy.

… how do you get kids to trust their intuition?

“Tell them that if this doesn’t feel good to you, it probably isn’t OK. If someone comes up to you in playground and they’re mean to you, that’s not OK. If they touch you in a way that doesn’t feel right, and you’re uncomfortable, then that’s not OK.”

… Another important part of conversations is to somehow convey to a child that it’s never their fault if there’s abuse, harassment or inappropriate touch, Gore said.

“Teach kids what are secrets, and is it ever OK to keep a secret? As young as age 5, tell them if an adult says, ‘We’re going to have a little secret,’ that’s not OK …

So much sexual misconduct news: Talking to children

related – advice for parents

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