Kenzo wins Vault

#MTL2017GYM Vault Final

Sadly the 2012 Olympic Vault champion withdrew from the final. Yang Hak-seon has had a lot of injuries over the years. Dalaloyan was added.

Kenzo near stuck Yurchenko triple twist. Time to spot and untilt before landing. Made it look easy. Opted not to do his 3 1/2 with Hak-seon out..

1. Shirai Kenzo JPN 14.900
2. Radivilov Igor UKR 14.899
3. Kim Hansol KOR 14.766

full results

The highlight vault was Igor’s stuck Dragulescu. Zero landing deduction from this MAG judge. The top two virtually tied. (Igor actually had 14.8995, but the FIG truncates the results.) E-score over D-score this time around.

Kim correctly took the Bronze.

It was close between legend Dragulescu (4th) and my man Jorge Vega Lopez (5th) from Guatemala. Most armchair pundits had Jorge slightly ahead.

There were only 3 super dangerous landings out of 16 total. That’s good for an FIG final these days. It’s Russian Roulette with FIG rules providing too much incentive for risky vaults.

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