China, China, Japan at Worlds

1 Xiao Ruoteng CHN 86.933
2 Lin Chaopan CHN 86.448
3 Shirai Kenzo JPN 86.431

Amazing competitions for the 3 medalists. They are celebrating in China right now!

4 Belyavskiy David RUS 86.315 (1 fall)
5 Larduet Manrique CUB 86.031
6 Wilson Nile GBR 85.332
7 Moldauer Yul USA 84.998
8 Verniaiev Oleg UKR 83.997 (2 falls)
9 Onder Ahmet TUR 83.831
10 Nagornyy Nikita RUS 83.239 (2 falls)

full results

It was an incredible Final with very few falls for the 24 best gymnasts in the world.

It looked like David would take the title … but he fell surprisingly on an easier H Bar release last apparatus. So close.

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2 thoughts on “China, China, Japan at Worlds”

  1. What did you think of the judging? It seemed like Belyavskiy was a bit overscored throughout. Oleg’s PBar score was a bit too high. Manrique was scored a bit low.


    1. I’m not watching scores much … but overall it seems judging is quite fair. Over the past few years execution has become slightly more important relative to difficulty. That helped Mul and the Chinese guys.

      The only score that jumped out at me as low was Manrique on Pommels.

      David and Oleg should have been top two … but they knew they had to hit 6/6 to be sure. I’m happy with the final ranking.


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