Women’s World Championships prelims

40% of female competitors have completed the #MTL2017GYM qualifying round. The rest compete Wednesday starting 12:30pm EST.

Canadian fans had much to cheer about. If Ellie can do what she did today again in the AA final, she’ll have a good chance to medal.

Top scores, so far:

1. Black CAN 55.766
2. Eremina RUS 54.999
3. Derwael BEL 53.598
4. Melnikova RUS 53.132
5. Tinkler GBR 52.831
6. Perez ESP 52.732
7. Moors CAN 52.631
8. Godwin AUS 12.733
9. Hermans BEL 51.866
10. Martins POR 51.565

full results

Ellie setting the Bar high on day 1

1. Paseka Maria RUS 14.933
2. Olsen Shallon CAN 14.649
(no Amanar yet)
3. Ellie Black CAN 14.483
4. Melnikova Angelina RUS 14.116

Bars (best Russian Bars ever?)
1. Eremina Elena RUS 15.100
2. Iliankova Anastasia RUS 15.066
3. Derwael Nina BEL 14.966

4. Melnikova Angelina RUS 14.966
5. Fenton Georgia-Mae GBR 14.533

Beam (severe judging)
1. Ellie Black CAN 13.433
2. Eremina Elena RUS 13.233
3. Perez Ana ESP 12.933
4. Godwin Georgia AUS 12.666

1. Fragapane Claudia GBR 13.933
2. Moors Brooklyn CAN 13.866
3. Ellie Black CAN 13.433
4. Tinkler Amy GBR 13.333
5. Olsen Shallon CAN 13.133

If you want to watch online the USAG YouTube channel is excellent, but geo-blocked. The Canadian YouTube stream is not geo-blocked. AND has Brittany Rogers and one of her coaches Cody Casey.

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