Kyla Ross Pac-12 Freshman of the Year


Many would rate MyKayla Skinner as having had the better season … but MyKayla is controversial. That may have turned off some voters.

MyKayla Skinner retweet

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6 thoughts on “Kyla Ross Pac-12 Freshman of the Year”

  1. Some things never change. I understand her wanting to acknowledge her “fans,” but throwing shade towards Kyla is par for the course for this young lady. remember olympic trials?


  2. So sad that her lack of class and integrity overshadow her truly fantastic gymnastics. Was hoping she’d mature a bit (at least on social media) after her first season in college.


  3. It’s too bad makayla has had in my eyes the best season not only as a freshman but def the most complete season. She has not only been consistent but hasn’t done anything thing crazy like in the past and she’s still getting static she in my eyes is the best aa and college gymnast this year but the favorites get the nods like Maggie skinner has been an complete team player this college season too bad it’s based on the past and favoritism


  4. I’m not sure how this is being classless she tweeted a red rocks fan sticking up for her let’s stop being petty the numbers speak for it with or without the judges favoritism


  5. Whatever you want to call it, it is demonstrating poor sportsmanship. Most schools, including Utah, have a code of conduct students must follow that prohibit such behaviors. I see she’s taken down the retweet, so hoping someone has guided her towards less controversial behaviors.


  6. MyKayla should’ve been Freshman of the year and there’s nothing wrong with her stating that opinion. How Kyla won I don’t even know.


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