U of Calgary International Cup results

1. Shane Wiskus USA 80.500
2. Ma Yue CHN 80.000
3. Cameron Bock USA 79.800

1. China 160.600
2. USA 160.350
3. Canada 159.000

Though the scores were close, this was very much an international friendly.

1. Felix Dolci CAN 75.700
2T. Julian Brutchin-Roose USA 75.650
2T. Paul Juda USA 75.650

1. USA
2. CAN 2
3. CAN 1
full results

Ma Yue, Tao HaoPeng, Zeng Jiajun, Yin Dehang, Wei Xiao

Overall there were far more missed routines than I would have expected. Not many competitors hit ALL of their routines.

Here are some of the sets that impressed:

1. Ma Yue CHN 5.60 14.350
2. Shane Wiskus USA 5.60 14.250

1. Tao HaoPeng CHN 5.40 14.150

1. Ma Yue CHN 5.30 14.050

Vault (one only)
1. Jeremy Bartholomeusz CAN 5.20 14.650

P Bars
1. Jackson Payne CAN 5.40 14.150

H Bar
1. Jackson Payne CAN 6.00 13.900

Felt the positive vibes today at UCIC #progress and off to Doha tomorrow!

A post shared by Jackson Payne (@jacksonpayne_gymnast) on

Jr Floor
1. Darren Wong CAN 4.50 13.950 (E score 9.45)

Jr Pommels
1. David Sandro CAN 4.50 13.250

Jr Vault
1. Paul Juda USA 4.80 14.100

Ben McCarthy from Nova Scotia won the OPEN division.
Open results.

1100 competitors this year I was told. A big meet.


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