Men’s best scores 2017

As of March 5, 2017. Click through for videos. (Some do not play unless you are in the USA or have a VPN pointed to the USA.)

1. Yul Moldauer USA 86.900 Winter Cup F
2. Akash Modi USA 86.300 Winter Cup Q
3. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
UKR 85.699 American Cup


1. Shirai Kenzo
JPN 15.100 Melbourne Q
2. Eddie Penev USA 15.050 Winter Cup F
3. Yul Moldauer USA 14.850 Winter Cup Q


1. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
UKR 15.550 Reykjavík International Games
2. Alexander Naddour USA 15.300 Winter Cup F
3. Krisztián Berki HUN 14.933 Melbourne EF


1. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
UKR 15.550 Reykjavík International Games
2. Yul Moldauer USA 15.100 Winter Cup Q
3. Guanhua Wu CHN 14.866 Melbourne EF
3. Jingyuan Zou CHN 14.866 Melbourne EF

VAULT Finals

1. Kenzo Shirai
JPN 14.916 Melbourne EF
2. Christopher Remkes AUS 14.883 Melbourne EF
3. Wataru Tanigawa RUS 14.566 Melbourne EF


1. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
UKR 15.600 Reykjavík International Games
2. Jingyuan Zou CHN 15.433 Melbourne Q
3. Nikita Nagornyy*
Никита Нагорный
RUS 15.066 Russian Nationals EF


1. Chris Brooks USA 14.950 Winter Cup Q
2. Bart Deurloo NED 14.533 American Cup
3. Akash Modi USA 14.400 Winter Cup Q

See the rest – Uncle Tim Ranking System

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