Riley McCusker interview

Inside Gymnastics: How is your training going? 

Riley McCusker: My training’s going really well right now. We’re building up to full routines and getting ready for the February selection camp. …

Inside: Are you working on any upgrades or new skills for this season?

Riley: Yes, I have upgraded all four of my routines this year. I have upgraded my bars and beam by almost one point each! I am also planning to compete a double twisting yurchenko this season. …

Inside: You come from MG Elite, which is obviously one of the top elite gyms in the country right now. Could you tell us about what’s it like to train there, training alongside Laurie Hernandez?

Riley: It was incredible training alongside Laurie last year. Every day, she just motivated me so much [seeing] her go through the Olympic process, [because] that’s what I want to do in a couple years. Now I know what to expect and I watched someone from my own gym accomplish the ultimate goal; so I know it is possible with my training.

My practices are very detailed-oriented. Our team is super small so it’s calm and quiet in the gym and my coach never misses a turn I take. At MG Elite, we really strive for having an international quality to our gymnastics.


Happy Birthday Maggie! Thank you for being the best coach ever! Love you💕💖

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