Halle Hilton wins British Espoir

1 Halle Hilton Europa Gym Centre 53.050
2 Paige Thomas Neath Afan Gymnastics 51.250
3 Sioned Thomas Swansea Gymnastics 50.200
4 Leah Greenland South Durham 50.000
5 Annie Young Norfolk Academy 49.750
6 Isla Lees Notts Gymnastics 49.300

full results

Rachel Scoffield was there:

The best-represented clubs, perhaps unsurprisingly given their consistent success in team competitions, were South Durham, with three gymnasts, and Heathrow, with four. South Durham made more of an impact, as they are without a doubt still riding the wave of Tinkler’s Rio success.

The championship title was taken by clear favourite Halle (pronounced “HAL-LY”) Hilton from Europa. …

Hilton Wins British Espoir All-Around

1. 13.500 Shanna-Kae Grant – Leeds
2. 13.125 Sioned Thomas – Swansea
3. 13.050 Scarlett Williams

1. 12.700 Paige Thomas – Neath Afan
2. 12.450 Mia Scott – South Durham
3. 12.100 Ramiyah Kofi – Notts

1. 14.000 Halle Hilton – Europa
2. 13.200 Jennifer Gadirova (Guest) – Harrow
3. 13.000 Leah Greenland – South Durham

1. 13.800 Isla Lees – Notts
2. 13.250 Halle Hilton – Europa
3. 13.200 Leah Greenland – South Durham

full Finals results

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