Open Massilia results

1 Irina Alexeeva WOGA 57.100
2 Alison Lepin France Open 3 53.167
3 Melissa Poitreau France Open 3 52.917
4 Alisson Lapp France Open 1 52.667
5 Victoria Jurca Quebec 2 51.967
6 Laurie Denommee Quebec 2 51.883

full results

Laurie Denommee (CAN) 14.150
Victoria Jurca (CAN) 14.100
Alexeeva Irina (USA) 14.000

Alexeeva Irina (USA) 14.833
Alison Lepin (FRA) 14.833
Juliette Bossu (SE) 14.100

Alexeeva Irina (USA) 14.333
Alisson Lapp (FRA) 13.933
Melissa Poitreau (FRA) 13.833

Alexeeva Irina (USA) 13.933
Iness Ben Rhouma (FRA) 13.733
Alisson Lapp (FRA) 13.500

Four teams from the Open competition are invited to the Master Massilia meet tomorrow which includes top gymnastics nations like Britain and Russia.

France senior 158.067 Q
Canada Quebec2 155.267 Q
France mixte 154.550
France juniors 14.150
Belgique Vlaanderen 150.550 Q
Australie, WAIS 148.150 Q

full results


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