Claude Pelletier to WIMGYM

Great news for Montreal and Canada. Félicitations, Claude.

Claude Pelletier is a former Olympic coach for the Canadian women’s artistic gymnastics team, a retired firefighter, an Ironman athlete and the new head coach and owner of the West Island Montreal Gymnastics Club — aka WIMGYM.

Pelletier began his double duty as head coach and owner of WIMGYM on Sept. 1.

… I was coach at Club Gymnix in Montreal for 13 years and have coached female athletes who have competed at the Worlds, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. I understand the needs of the athletes at every level. It’s an exciting time for me to take on this position. In October 2017, Montreal hosts the World Gymnastic Championships …

Q: What plans do you have for WIMGYM?

A: I was first offered the job of head coach, but I wasn’t interested, because that position offers no stability. A change in coaching staff can happen at any time. I wanted to be able to stay put and do what I love without worrying about what was coming next, which is why I became the owner. My firefighter’s pension took a hit with me taking early retirement, but this was a golden opportunity — you only have one life.

Former Olympic coach takes over WIMGYM

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