Rio medals / population

New Zealand #1.

Another analysis has New Zealand 4th behind Grenada, Bahamas and Jamaica.

related – Who would have won in Rio, if populations and GDPs were counted?
via Mary Wright

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One thought on “Rio medals / population”

  1. These analyses are not meaningful as they fail to take into account two important things: 1. the strongest and largest countries cannot capitalize on their depth because there are constraints on who can even attend the games. The U.S. can’t field two men’s basketball teams even though our “B” team could possibly medal. Or how about if the Olympics allowed for the top gymnasts in the world to compete rather than a certain number per country, then the U.S. would have had 10+ gymnasts with the potential to medal. 2. beyond that, the two-per country rule in gymnastics and other sports undoubtedly kills some countries potentials to medal even when they brought athletes with the potential to medal. These constraints are fine because they keep the games diverse, but if you’re going to do a silly analysis of medals per population, it’s only fair to point out the obvious caveats.


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