One thought on “remembering Munich 1972”

  1. the irony of this post immediately preceeded by the one referencing the refusal of the Lebanese to sit with Israeli’s on an Olympic Games bus is not lost on me……
    many/most of your readers are presumably too young to remember (or even know anything about) the events of Munich 72….I had a unique experience….my college teammate Dubi Lufi and I were training together that summer just before school started…..Lufi, an Israeli, was scheduled to compete in Munich, but the Israeli Olympic Committee decided not to send him because they didn’t want to spend the money on a plane ticket from the USA for a gymnast who was not a medal contender……
    we sat and watched together in horror as the 11 coaches and athletes were taken hostage and eventually murdered….Dubi knew 8 of the 11 personally and there but for the grace of God/circumstance would have been among them

    (sarcasm alert): so happy our Lebanese brethren are able to put politics aside INSIDE the Olympic village……


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