BBC documentary – The Gymnast

RAVE REVIEWS. The Olympics are coming. It’s time for fans to rewatch the classic story of the Beijing British team. 

Aunt Joyce:

… a British documentary covering the selection of the 2008 Olympic Team. As a documentary alone, it is worthy of viewing. As a gymnastics documentary, it is superb. The film captures the emotional stress on the British girls as they train and compete for a spot on the Olympic Team. The never-ending stress at home and in the gym is palpable.

Andrian Stan is the star of the film. His blunt candor is horrifying, refreshing, amusing and brutally honest. …

gymnasticsstuff sends us the links:

Click PLAY or watch Part 1 on YouTube.

Part 2
Part 3

Hannah Whelan: Really appreciates having ‘gymnast’ as a memory of the Olympics, brought back memories, made me cry and love my dad in it….@michaelajw ?

Becky Wing: I’ve already watched ‘Gymnast’ 3 times (and cried every time haha.) It’s amazing to be able to relive the whole journey. Brings back so many memories #emotional

Marissa King: Great replies on ur thoughts on the Gymnast movie! Thank u 2 BBC & all u gymnastics fans out there 4 watching. I hope it was an inspiration!

Becky Downie: Just watched GYMNAST made me cry & brought back such amazing memories. Can’t believe I’ve decided to do it all over again, I must be crazy!!

Those quotes via the excellent review on Going For Gold

Read the review on Rewriting Russian Gymnastics

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