#PacRim2016 Tramp Champs

1. Dmitrii Ushakov RUS 59.970
2. Jeffrey Gluckstein USA 58.295
3. Dylan Schmidt NZL 57.475

finals results

1. Sam Smith CAN 54.240
2. Shaylee Dunavin USA 53.165
3. Sam Sendel CAN 52.695

finals results

Artistic fans enjoyed having Trampoline in simultaneous competition. We wished the announcers had paid more attention to the Trampoline competition, however. Many were curious as to exactly what was happening on Tramp at any given time. Interested in the rules of the sport.

Many of these competitors will soon fly to the Rio Olympic Test meet. One last chance to qualify.

@GymspiredMedia on twitter provided the best Tramp coverage.

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Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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