Sam Mikulak wins Winter Nationals

Sam is back. 🙂

1. Sam Mikulak 177.450
2. Akash Modi 175.300
3. Sean Melton 174.500
4. John Orozco 174.350
5. Yul Moldauer 174.100
6. Donnell Whittenburg 173.300

Modi, Melton and Moldauer have been added to National Team. Horton and Bailey removed.

Details and full results on

Click PLAY or watch the 2016 Winter Cup Challenge – Finals on YouTube. (rebroadcast)

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4 thoughts on “Sam Mikulak wins Winter Nationals”

  1. Nobody is actually “removed” from the National Team, they just didn’t make it again at this meet. Only World team members, including the alternate, were given one-year spots. Everyone else had to re-qualify, including Mikulak, since he withdrew from Worlds with injury. Sam, Modi, Melton and Moldauer made it automatically, on points. Also added via selection were Jake Dalton, Eddie Penev, John Orozco and Steven Legendre. See:


  2. No, the U.S. National team until P&Gs is …

    Danell Leyva
    Alex Naddour
    Donnell Whitenburg
    Chris Brooks
    Brandon Wynn
    Paul Ruggeri
    Marvin Kimble
    Sam Mikulak
    Yul Moldauer
    Sean Melton
    Akash Modi
    Jake Dalton
    Eddie Penev
    Steven Legendre
    John Orozco


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