Natalia Yurchenko interview

When asked to list my favourite gymnasts all time, I always include Yurchenko and Shaposhnikova. 🙂

Natalia Yurchenko 1978

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics: interview:

… Practice started on the trampoline into the pit every day. …

When I saw the back handspring layout step-out on beam, I was shocked. I could not even imagine such a thing was possible. Everything was very intensive – conditioning, warm-up, tumbling, working on bars and beam – just go, go, go! There were pits, mats and safety pads everywhere. When trying new things, they made sure it was safe …

I was probably the most brave, hardworking and coachable kid. That was my talent. Information about how my signature moves were created can be found on my Web site (Yurchenko vault and Yurchenko loop). … 

I always loved, loved, loved my ballet class which was 1 hour every day – only classical bar, middle, adagio and jump combinations. It was a joy! But, I was never as natural looking as some gymnasts of my time like Natalia Shaposhnikova. I knew I was never going to be like her. Her floor routine “Nutcracker” was the reason I stuck with gymnastics! …

Natalia Yurchenko – an exclusive interview

Click through for more. That’s a great read.

C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy, Chicago
C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy, Chicago – Natalia’s Club today

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