Selecting the Right Gymnastics Floor Music for You

Guest post.

My name is Christina Tardy and I own and operate the gymnastics floor music website I started my gymnastics career 21 years ago and floor was my best event. I was an Illinois State Champion on Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and of course the Floor Exercise. I was also a Regional Champion on the Floor Exercise as well as the All-Around at the high school level.

After my competitive years were over, I began coaching and judging. I am thrilled to be able to stay involved with the sport that I love.

I started an online gymnastics music website three years ago called I did this because I wanted to use my knowledge and experience in Floor Exercise and music to create a better experience finding great music. I wanted to offer music that would facilitate a better experience at competition for the gymnasts, judges, and audiences alike. The music you select for your competition is a reflection of you, and quite frankly I was very disappointed with what was available online during the time of my competitive years. I found anything that was worth using was difficult to find and obtain and the experience was frustrating. I wanted to change that.

There is no question that all gymnasts have different personalities and style. I have always found it best for me as well as for those I have coached to choose something that suits you specifically as a gymnast. If you are strong tumbler, you will want something that is powerful musically.  If you are a graceful dancer, you will want to choose something that is from a soundtrack or orchestral library. If you are more into a hip hop style of dancing, you should lean toward the hip hop or pop/dance genres of music where you can show off your dance moves.

The main point is for you to select music that fits you as a gymnast so you are as comfortable as possible during your floor routine. The judges will see and sense if your music doesn’t fit your style of gymnastics and dance and it will reflect in your scores.

Your music choice directly reflects your floor exercise performance and makes the difference between a good gymnastics routine and one that is awesome and memorable. Your goal is to impress the floor judges so you can get a great score!

Take your music search seriously.

We are constantly expanding our library and offer easy to explore categories so you can quickly sift through the songs that pertain to your style. Take the time necessary to fully explore the different types available to ensure that you find the right fit. If we don’t have a specific song you are looking for,  we do offer a FREE song request and typically add your request to our collection within a few days.This is a good option for those gymnasts that enter into their quest for music with a song already in mind and find that it is not available.

Not all gymnastics music is created equal.

Most of the resources for gymnastics music online, including individuals that post their creations on YouTube or other media sharing websites, are created by non-professionals and it shows. Not to say that they are all bad. Some are quite good and very creative. However, they live within a spectrum ranging from mediocre to bad. Many of the tracks you will find have very rough edits, unbalanced audio, and terrible non-musical abrupt endings. This is why so many gymnasts become frustrated when searching for something to fit their personality. They find a song that they would like to use but in their heart they know it just doesn’t sound good and then find themselves settling for something that does not excite them.

The music in our catalog is cut and mixed by experts in the field of music and gymnastics. The majority of our cuts and remixes are stemmed from original artist materials. (note: you can read about our process on our blog –

We understand the structure and quality necessary for creating fantastic floor music. We find the most common and best formula is to begin each track with an intro leading into high energy section. Following the high energy section we generally like to see it flow into a less intense break and then finish with another high energy section that has a strong ending. You don’t want the song to have a rough sudden cut at the end that does not end musically. Sudden abrupt endings are OK when done properly. The ending must maintain proper musical structure and a high level of listenability.  We base our endings by what makes sense for the song being used and whether or not the choreography dictates a graceful ending or finishing with a BANG! If you want or have a slow and low intensity graceful choreography at the end, you should obviously stay away from the big bang finish.

The end is the beginning!

The ending pose in a routine is the last thing the judges will see. So, you want to leave a good final impression. The floor music ending helps to facilitate this. That is why you need to think about this ahead of time and be sure that you get your music from a place that allows you to listen to a FULL DEMO from beginning to end. You want the judges to have a great impression throughout your performance but the final pose can be the impression that stays with them. Make it a spectacular one!

Change is good!

When selecting for your floor music, you will want to avoid using music that is repetitive or without variety. It is necessary to have music that changes throughout your floor routine so that it is not considered boring and that helps your choreography move from one section to the next. Variety doesn’t necessarily mean using multiple songs. Although it is common and in cases quite nice to have two songs cut together, one great song that lends itself to become a gymnastics music track will have both high and low intensity parts that can be used throughout. You will find both options available in your search.

Quality & Legality

To avoid poor quality audio, which sometimes is discovered only when your music is played over your facility P.A. system (oops- too late!), we suggest that you buy professionally produced floor music as opposed to downloading homegrown cuts from Youtube or other media sharing sites. Professionally produced gymnastics floor music will help you avoid low quality audio as well as legal issues involved with obtaining music online.

Be sure you are legally purchasing your music. Performing rights organizations and record companies are quick to shut down illegal MP3 download sites and at times have come after end users if they are sharing and/or selling derived works from original artist which they represent. is a re-mixer for Legitmix which is a company that has created a patented industry approved system for producers to legally sell original artist remixes. We use this system  along with our professional knowledge of music production and gymnastics to help our customers find the best and highest quality gymnastics floor music on the Internet.

Good luck in your quest for gymnastics floor music!

Christina Tardy



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  1. I have literally been trying to purchase the lindsey stirling moon trance one minute song for my daughters floor routine. No matter what I have done I cannot purchase it and spending 70 dollars is out of my price range so I chose the one minute for 9.99. Please let me know what i am doing wrong that I cannot get it to work.


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