Bar – tangent of release

Repost – Bar clinic yesterday. We talked, as always, about tangent of release:

… the body’s mass center exits from any external swing at a 90° angle to its radius of rotation (tangent to the swing) …

Just as the archer’s bow establishes the flight direction of the arrow, so too does the tangent release establish the flight direction of the gymnast. …

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double back tucked

Information excerpted from Championship Gymnastics: Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Winners, by Gerald S. George, Ph.D.

That graphic would generate a discussion regarding whether or not she might “pull-in” to the bar by shortening the body before release. … She might.

I’ll use this layout flyaway graphic, instead, to introduce the concept of “tanget” to the point of release of swing.

Of course the path of flight is a “parabola” after release. (Unless the gymnast goes straight up, straight down.)

The problem with biomechanics is the risk of generating more heat than light.

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