Nick Ruddock on planning

… experience is like a long drive without the need for GPS. It’s driving a route that I have driven 100’s of times before. I would be totally familiar with the surroundings, my schedule, my route etc. I can hit traffic, or even face a diversion and I will still reach my destination. Better yet, previous experience of the journey even allows me to anticipate problems, and avoid them by taking alternative roads. All the signs are in place and easy for me to read.

My inexperienced drive would have me totally reliant on the GPS. Traffic and diversions would completely throw me. I would be driving down unfamiliar territory, where I couldn’t interpret the signs or directions clearly. …

Can you see the similarities between these journeys and coaching?

Have you ever copied a baking recipe from a cook book word-for-word, yet the end product looks nothing like the photo in the book? Not even similar? Not even edible?!


TechniqueTalk is Nick’s new website.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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