Stand with Makayla


Makayla Puddicombe is a normal 13 year old, who was excited to start her summer like all her friends …

At the end of June, when all her classmates were worrying about exams and excited for the end of the school year, Makayla was admitted to the Janeway after tests found a large brain tumor. The tumor was operated on and removed, but the battle wasn’t over yet as the biopsy showed the tumor was cancerous – an aggressive form rarely found in children. Treatment was to include 6 weeks radiation and chemotherapy. Her prescripton alone is expected to cost at least $10 000, not to mention the financial stress her mother will be under as she is unable to work while caring for her daughter.

Campia Gymnastics, Makaylas old club, has come up with the great idea of a Handstand Challenge to help spread awareness for brain cancer and with the challenge, are also asking everyone to donate to Makayla and her family. Makayla would love to see as many handstands as possible, as it will put a smile on her and her families face when they really need it most!

Go Fund Me

If you can tag a handstand photo on twitter or Facebook with #standwithmakayla.

Donations to Go Fund Me would be much appreciated too.


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